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New Updates

News Date : May 07, 2018 03:21:33

Greeting's Dear Members,

We bring some updates for you.

- All Out of Stock Products has been updated so now you can purchase them.

- DLC Voucher System Re-Enabled.

- Promotional Tool System updated with some new Landing Pages and Banners.

Best Regards

TheDownliners Team

System Upgrade Completed

News Date : May 04, 2018 00:00:00

Hello Everyone's

Keep your Attention here! We just want to Inform you that We have successfully Upgraded our System to next Version which change logs are below so please take a look on it. 

Change Logs:

1.1 All old Update's and News have been Deleted.

1.2 Registration form also upgraded to new version on demand of member's.

1.2.1 > Registration form New Version> Sponsor Profile Image will be show on Form.

1.2.2 > Leader Borad > You can explore the top leader of TDL and select any as your Sponsor while registration.

1.2.3 > Country dropdown list now works correctly on all type of Device's. (All Bugs have been FIXED)

1.3 Now You are allowed to overview Terms & Conditions in your member's dashboard.

1.4 Forget Password Module Upgraded to newer Version, It will work only on your E-Mail. (All Bugs have been FIXED)

1.5 Ticket Support Center has been added for Non-Registered Member's.

1.6 Testimonials Module upgrade to next version, Now you can see all Testimonials on a separate page.

1.7 A Toll free number has been added to give you quick and emergancy support.

1.8 Payeer payment processor has been Removed from our system but still  you can pay by Payeer just to select AdvCash.

1.9 Bitcoin payment processor also has been Removed from system but you can pay by Bitcoin just to select AdvCash.

1.10 Payout History Module has been designed & launched, Now you can see publicly all records of Recent Payouts.

1.11 Creating Shipment Module also upgraded to next version, All Bugs have been FIXED.

1.11.2 > Shipment Module, Multiple Selection of Products while creating shipment has been added.

1.11.3 > Shipment Module, Produts image will be show on Creating Shipment page & it will help you to recognize Product.

1.11.4 > Shipment Module, you can select rendome quantity while creating shipment.

1.11.5 > Shipment Module,We escalated our Shipping service to provide you more faster service.

1.12 Member to Member Private Message System has been added, Now you can send Privatly Message to any other member.

1.12.1 >Private Message System, TDL System can also send you Private Message for quick updates.

1.13 GenealogyTree Module has been upgraded to new version, Now you can see your Referrals Tree and Matrix's Tree.

1.13.1 > Genealogy Referrals Tree, Paid and Unpaid members will indicate by Red and Silver Color.

1.13.2 > Genealogy Matrix's Tree, Two types of Tree added for help you to Monitor your Levels of Matrix Positions.

1.14 E-Store Upgraded to Next Version.

1.14.2 > E-Store, Feedback for Products Feature added.

1.14.3 > E-Store, Rating for Products Feature added.

1.14.4 > E-Store All Bugs have been FIXED.

1.15 Withdrawal Sytem upgraded to Next version.

1.15.2 > Withdrawal System, Now System will work fully automatically, you will get your withdraw fund within 1 hour.

1.16 Order History has been added so now you can see all of your order with full details.

1.17 Commission History has been added so it will help you to trace your all Commission funds with full details.

1.18 Balance Statement History has been added and it will show you all of your transactions details.

1.19 E-Voucher System, Its very new Module has been added and it will help you to Transfer your DLC to any other member.

1.19.2 > New E-Voucher, You can Create new voucher to share or transfer your DLC to any other member.

1.19.3 > Radeem E-Voucher, You can Redeem Voucher which you get from any other member.

1.19.4 > My E-Voucher, You can see all the Details and History of your created E-Vouchers.

1.20 Promotional Tools has been added.

1.20.2 > Landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign.

1.20.3 > Banners of all Size's has been added.

1.21 Security Modules has been upgraded to next version.

1.21.2 > Security Question has been added and it will work while sending new withdrawal request.

1.21.3 > Two Factor Authentication has been added and its very strong security to protect your account from get hack.

We hope you will enjoy new upgraded version of our SYSTEM. 

Best Regard's

TheDownliners Team

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